5 Secret Shortcuts for a family of 5

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Since the birth of my third child; my beautiful son, life has been extremely busy and well…complicated.  I don’t have a real schedule anymore, I have newly found back pain and I am trying to plan my days as best as possible.
I am trying be efficient during working hours (because I can’t work at home anymore) and a decent Dad and husband when I return home.   When I return home it is absolute chaos and trying to organize and maintain peace around the house is not easy.family_photo


As a result, my wife and I have incorporated 5 shortcuts that have helped us out considerably.  Below are 5 game changer services that our family could not live without.



  1. Shipt (https://www.shipt.com/) shipt-logo-stacked-screen-color-rgb-250x310– A grocery delivery service.  This service is sooo convenient and very affordable.  For only $99/ year you can select your groceries (on a mobile app) and have them delivered to your door step during a window of time.   What I mean by window of time is that they will deliver groceries from let’s say 12 pm – 3 pm or 5 pm – 7 pm.
  2. ubereats-logo-largeUber Eats (https://ubereats.com) – This is probably my favorite one.  Uber Eats is relatively new in the Miami area and it’s basically Uber for restaraunt delievery.  Not only can you have food delivered to your house but you can choose from fine restaurants around your area.  If your not up for Pizza or fast food this is great because you can order from some really nice places with great food.  Uber Eats also gives you an estimated arrival time and sends you push notifications on your mobile device with status of delivery.  Great service.
  3. ba_logo-02_stackedBlue Apron (http://blueapron.com)– My wife really likes this service because sometimes she likes to cook.  Blue Apron sends you all the ingredients you need (along with a great recipe) to make gourmet meals.  The ingredients they send are very fresh but it does require a little work to cut up ingredients, etc.  The ingredients do not arrive cut or minced and therefore it does require some prep work.  However, having said that you only get the ingredients you need for the meal and therefore there is no excess of ingredients, which in my opinion is great.
  4. sirgallowaylogobigSir Galloway Dry Cleaning (http://sirgalloway.com) – I am not sure if this professional dry cleaning service is only in Miami but they have free pickup and delivery for dry cleaning.  For all Miami-ians, try it out!
  5. unnamedPrime NOW (https://primenow.amazon.com) – This service is great for the emergency items you may need for the kids.  This is especially true for items you forgot as parents that you may need for your child’s school work.  This is a great emergency tool and you can literally order almost anything.  There is $20 minimum so you will be required to purchase other items if you are only looking to buy one thing.  The mobile app also maps where the delivery is and gives you an estimated arrival time as well.  Really cool!

The truth of the matter is that all these services can be utilized whether you have kids or not.  If you have kids, oh my gosh it is a God sent.  What amazes me the most is how dependent my family and I have become on technology.  It is really cool to see how matter of fact these services have now become.  To think that we will think of the autonomous car one day the exact same way.  Very neat 🙂