My journey through ABC’s Shark Tank

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This article is about my journey through the ABC show Shark Tank selection process and how I almost made it onto the show.  The product I was pitching was CONCIERGEpad and it was cool to have the idea validated by the show.  I was one round away from taking the trip to California and it was a great experience to say the least.


The initial telephone interview

I submitted my information via email back in March 2015 and thought nothing of it.  I really thought I would never get a call back. 2 months went by and one day in May 2015 I received an email from ABC casting that I was being considered for the show.  Oh my gosh how cool I thought.  I watch the show religiously and I’ve always had an urge to be on the show.  Anyways, I immediately replied back to the email and setup my first telephone interview with casting with hopes of moving on to the next round.  The following day I had my telephone interview and the woman conducting the call had a lot of questions for me.  To be honest the company was in its infancy stages so I felt like I could not answer all the questions adequately.  Especially questions around financials.  We spoke for about 30 minutes and she liked the product so she officially moved me onto the next round.  Right there on the spot!  This was a very interesting time for me as well because I think it again validated that the idea behind the product was a good one and that I should pursue it as a business regardless of what happened.


2nd Round: filming and getting to know business

This was a great experience.  It was very intriguing to talk about the product and all the functionality that was part of the product or yet to come.  To the left is a picture osharktank_filmingf the filming I did on a Saturday at one of our clients facility.  The opportunity to work with a videographer was great and a lot of fun but the real opportunity was understanding the young business at a deeper level.  The reason I say this is because Shark Tank has a detail (and almost exhaustive) application form; sprinkled with granular questions about the business.  While reviewing and answering the questions on the application I was able to really think through about what it is I wanted from this business and how it can penetrate into different verticals.  It really helped me analyze the business from a strategic standpoint and identify product market fit.  I was honestly very pleased with the amount of reflection I had to go through to be able to answer each and every question appropriately.


3rd Round: No call back

Yes, that’s right.  I never received a call back after filming my short video and submitting my application.  I really think the business was not there yet too, so to not get a call back was not a total shock.  There were questions that I could not speak to because the business was an early startup.  The one positive again about this experience is what I gained from taking the time to think through what I wanted from this business and what journey we could now embark on…because thanks to ABC Shark Tank the idea was validated and it reinforced the product was ready for sale!