Don’t be a gatekeeper

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I think it’s essential to understand every aspect of one’s business.  To know every area and how all departments work harmoniously is important.  In the software business, to understand how the technology works at a granular or line-of-code level is important to me and I have always placed a lot of emphasis on learning the mechanics of how things work.  This has a lot of benefits for sure but surprisingly it has some challenges if you’re not open to taking the time to explain the mechanics to key people in your business when you start to grow.

I take for granted a lot of the things I know about coding and again the mechanics of how things work.  Additionally, I sometimes get frustrated when a key person starts to probe about how something works and why a product is delayed in terms of rollout timeframe.  The lesson I learned this week is that some people really want (and have to) learn your product to be able to sell and understand deliverables.  It is just as important for people in your organization to know and feel confident about what they are selling as it is for you to know every little detail about the business.  My business will never scale and grow appropriately if I am a gatekeeper and I store the keys in my head.  It is imperative to share all my knowledge and to appreciate and respect the thoughts of others.

In conclusion, after much reflection about this topic I am going to try to foster all questions (probing or not) about the business.  In fact, I am setting aside some time once a week to educate personnel on products if necessary.  I learned a lot this week about this issue and it is important to place yourself in other people’s shoes, as they are not privy to the technical and inner workings of my products and company.

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