10 pieces of advice for You the entrepreneur

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What’s up… Welcome to the podcast. I really appreciate you tuning in and listening to me today. I know that you have a lot of other options. You can be listening to another podcast. You could be reading a book, what have you, but you chose to listen to me today and I really appreciate that.

Today I want to talk about entrepreneurship, which is a topic that is very dear to my heart. Over the last eight years, I’ve been able to amass or curate a top 10 list of pieces of advice that any entrepreneur, regardless of where they are in their journey, can appreciate and I hope that they can perhaps adopt and employ into their daily operations. Before I get into that, it’s important for you to understand that I don’t consider myself an expert or a guru in this field. I am learning daily things just like you are. And you know, this is something that, I’m trying to do too, to help anybody that has decided to embark in this and this sometimes lonely journey. So the format of this podcast is that it is raw and unedited. It’s just a simple casual discussion between you and me and having said that, I would like to get into the first piece of advice.

Number 1, is surrounding yourself with good people. This is essential. Period, end of story. The people that you work with and have an opportunity to interact with on a daily basis, they need to be aligned with who you are, what you stand for, what virtues you think are important, things along those lines. I have had very bad partnerships and they all stem from misalignment, the framework, what the goals are for the company, those things from the onset, there was misalignment there. What we wanted to gain out of the company was different and that’s a problem moving forward and having the right people on the bus, on the team, those are things that are necessary for a healthy, sustainable business moving forward.

Number 2, knowing your business inside and out. I am in the tech space and knowing the way software works and understanding the technical aspects of the product at a granular level, of course, are imperative. But it goes way beyond that. If you are a business owner, knowing the financials is just as important, especially if you are being scrutinized by someone who is in the financial sector. In the SaaS business, there are certain metrics that are specific to that arena and educating yourself on those calculations and what drives those numbers provides those same financial people with assurance that you know your business, you know your verticals, you know your user-base, you know the community, so on and so forth. So again, very important to understand the entire financial picture of where the business is today, where it will be six months from now, a year from now, etc. What you could spend money on today to perhaps make more money down the road. An important piece to this is that everybody has their strengths and weaknesses. So if you don’t like finance or accounting, that’s okay, but you have to have an outside third party or some partner that is dedicated to understanding and analyzing this type of data to establish a sound financial foundation.

Number 3, customers buy your product and they buy your service of course, but they also buy You, your brand and the people that power the brand. To me, in my opinion, this is more important than your product. In fact, your product, at the end of the day, in the grand scheme of things, it’s not that important. The way you connect with people, the way people view what you’re doing, your culture and how it is cultivated, that’s what makes the difference. Ultimately, people want to be associated with you. They want to be a part of what you’re doing and that’s what really makes the sale. At the end of the day, it’s the entire package. It’s not just the product or the service, so it’s important to be mindful of that because that may be the difference between You and your competitor.

Number 4, don’t be an asshole to your existing customers or for that matter, anyone. This is a life lesson. It doesn’t necessarily apply to business by itself, but it’s really important for people to understand that other people are going through things in their lives that you are not aware of or you’re not privy to. So if you’re on a support call or you are, uh, doing something for somebody in a live setting, you have to be empathetic. You have to want to take the time to listen to that individual; to understand how they’re doing, to initiate a friendship. And it’s important for the overall business strategy of the company or the brand. So people have to want to work with you. It’s important for people to like you, um, in any setting.

Don’t be an asshole to your existing customers or for that matter, anyone…

Number 5, being uncertain about the future is okay. Actually, taking comfort in this notion is something that I wished I would have understood sooner as part of my journey. This is something for a new business owner or entrepreneur to really understand and to be aware of, but the faster that you become, uh, familiar with this concept the better off you’re going to be in the long run.

Number 6, making a wrong decision is okay and it’s better than making no decision or a delayed decision. You have to take a position and go with it. There’s a lot of decision-makers or leaders that consider too many things. This leads to almost a paralysis by analysis type of scenario and they get too caught up in what other people may think and how that decision is going to be criticized by the cast of thousands. That’s not the important thing to note here. People appreciate leaders or business operators that make a calculated decision and realize this is probably the best decision as it stands today. They don’t waste a copious amount of time pondering what to do next. When a decision is made they deal with the consequences as they arrive. I think that should be applauded more often. There are situations where decision makers think about things too much and it leads to delayed execution.

Number 7, taking the time to stop and enjoy the moments when you hit a particular milestone or accomplishment. Very, very critical to quote-unquote stop and smell the roses. There’s also a connection factor with your team. If you and your team are aspiring for the same goals… if one of your goals is to make an extra $100,000 in revenue over a six month period and you hit that number, you have to stop and celebrate. You have to make it a big deal. You have to drink that champagne or go to that fancy restaurant and enjoy some good food because it’s not just about the daily grind. It’s also about smiling with the people that you’re doing it with and appreciating their camaraderie and efforts.

Number 8, having a consistent grit like mind frame, I mentioned already before, you’re going to go through periods where you think the business sucks, but you have to have the grit and the tenacity to fight through it. You have to have a consistent pattern of staying on task, whether those tasks are mundane or super entertaining. The faster that you can obtain this mind shift, the better off you’re going to be as an entrepreneur.

Number 9, don’t be afraid to walk away from a customer that is problematic. What I mean by this is that there are bad customers out there. There are clients that are not going to connect with you or during a demo we’ll bring up things that may be a complaint down the road. In fact, I believe that this is a skill that you get better at over time and one of the things I look for is what I just described, how people are interacting with our team during a demo. What types of questions are they asking? Are they trying to identify problems that are not there? They haven’t been trained or educated on the software yet… This scenario to me is an indicator that this particular person or client can perhaps be a problem. You’ll be surprised as to how much energy and resources are spent and wasted on a bad customer. Just one.

Number 10, Be Authentic. This is my favorite. Be The real You and turn your quirkiness or your uniqueness into an asset. You don’t have to pretend to be somebody else. You don’t have to fake it till you make it. You don’t have to post fake or altered stories on social media to provide a certain perception of who you are or what you’re trying to accomplish. So it’s important to just be who you are. It’s fine. Everybody who is anybody started somewhere and they went through the same process and the same doubts that you have today. So again, you have to have that as part of your entrepreneur mind frame and not lie to people and make them believe that you’re farther along than you actually may be. People are going to gravitate to your authenticity and these same people will turn into customers. Ultimately your customers will turn into friends and those will be the business relationships that you’ll remember forever throughout your journey.

So I hope that one or two of these pieces of advice resonated with you or that you can incorporate them into your business or everyday living. If you have any questions on one of these concepts or pieces of advice, I would love to hear from you. I can be reached by email at rene@onlinerenee.com. Again, hope to hear from you. Good luck on your entrepreneurship journey and I will see you on the other side. Take care and have a great day.

3 Reasons Miami will be “Silicon Beach”

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I think Miami is destined to be the next “Silicon Beach”.  Yes, that’s right the next Silicon Valley is right here in the warm and beautiful Miami, FL.  South Florida’s multicultural offering and proximity to the Caribbean and Latin America creates a unique position for the city to be a domestic and international tech hub.

Last week, my company CONCIERGEpad had the privilege to participate in the emerge Americas conference as a showcase startup (see picture of our booth).  It was a great experience indeed but what really impressed me was the tech movement and community right here in Miami.  In fact, a new study shows that South Florida is No. 1  in U.S. in startup activity.  You can read the article that was written in the Miami Herald here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/business/article151189417.html  It’s incredible that I have been in the tech business now for 14 years and I was not privy to all the resources and tech talent in my own backyard.  Below are 3 reasons why there has been such a trans-formative movement in what I will call the: “The Miami Tech Scene”.

1) Venture HIVE (http://venturehive.com)

Man! This place is really cool and oozes entrepreneurship.  When you enter the venue you can appreciate the great working environment and culture that exists (See pics below).  The layout of the place includes spacious working areas and conference rooms throughout.  The venue also has a Microsoft Innovation Center, which is really inspiring and to learn that Microsoft has their brand attached to this place is impressive.  The founder of Venture HIVE has a passion for entrepreneurship and it really permeates through the entire building.

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend a special bootcamp they administered and it was again a great experience.  What I am really proud about was the amount of entrepreneurs I met that are doing really good things in Miami.  There is a lot of talent within the city and it’s awesome to see how many good companies are flourishing and executing on well thought out business models, etc.


2) emerge Americas Conference (http://emergeamericas.com)

This is a really nice conference that bridges the gap between domestic and international business.  Although the conference is only once a year, it’s a conference that everyone who is in “tech” and lives in Miami should attend.  The keynote lineup this year was top notch and some of the speakers included: Steve Wozniak, Pitbull, Suze Orman and Alex Rodriguez.  All great entrepreneurs and some of them again right out of South Florida.

3) Refresh Miami (http://refreshmiami.com)

I believe Refresh Miami is the longest on-going tech meetup in Miami.  This is a community that meets a couple times a month and the organizers always do a good job with choosing tech topics to talk about and incorporating speakers who are experts in their domain.  I have been to a couple of meetups and I highly recommend it. What I really enjoy is when the speakers share their personal experiences about their trials and tribulations in business.  I find this to be very helpful and the networking aspect of attending an event like this is always fun.

Co-working Space trend is a “good signal”

Something that I think is very telling about the future of the Miami tech scene is that a lot of co-working spaces are opening all around the city.  Co-working companies like WeWork, Buro, Building.co, TamboWorks and some others seem like they have presence now in different parts of town, which is fueling tech innovation and progress.  Also, company giants like Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter all have offices down here not only to take advantage of the local talent but also again because of  the proximity to the Caribbean and Latin American markets.

Final thoughts

These 3 resources I wrote about above are really making a difference in the Miami community and everyone who is in the tech space should really take advantage and foster these groups to help propel the tech movement further.  If anyone has any other resources, venues, conferences or groups that are here in Miami that I did not mention please let me know.  I look forward to continuing my journey as an entrepreneur and being a part of the Silicon Beach community!


The ONE tool that has transformed my fitness!

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In July of 2016, I started to experience severe back pain.   Today, I still have chronic back pain and it’s slowly (and I mean slowly) getting better due to the fact that I started to exercise again.  Having said this, there is one important tool that I have been using that has really transformed my fitness experience.  This tool is the fitbit charge 2.  I love all things tech and I can’t believe it took me this long to discover this fitness watch.  It’s a game changer for me and it has really changed the way I look at my fitness and overall health on a day-to-day basis.  Below are the 6 features I love about the watch:

  1. It’s cheaper than the Apple Watch – For only $129.95 (plus tax) you can get yourself one and it has a lot of the same functionality.  The mobile app is specifically designed for fitness and I like that the fitbit just tries to perfect this one particular area.
  2. It tracks your steps, floors, miles and active minutes – This simple concept is a great motivator for me.  You can set your step goal (mine is 10,000 per day) and it’s really interesting to monitor how your doing throughout the day.  Also, the watch tracks how many floors you’ve climbed, miles you’ve traveled, calories you’ve burned and total active minutes. (See screenshot 1)
  3. It records your sleep – I really love this feature.  Sleep is really important to me and with 3 kids I need all the quality sleep I can get.  I am really impressed with how the watch knows when you’ve had restless sleep and/or quality sleep. (See screenshot 2)
  4. It displays your exercise goals for the week – You can set how many times you would like to workout for a given week.  When you exercise on a specific day you can drill down on a specific exercise routine performed and determine how many minutes, calories, average beats per minutes and fat burn you’ve recorded. (See screenshot 3)
  5. It monitors your heart rate – You can analyze your heart rate at any time of the day and you can also learn what your resting heart rate is as it compares to the general population.  If you are very competitive this is a great feature to see where your at compared to the likes of marathon runners, etc.
  6. It can remind you to be active every hour – This is another gem for me because I work in front of a computer all day.  Therefore, the watch can remind you to get up and move around every hour to ensure you meet your daily step goal.

To be honest, there are many other features that the fitbit is equipped with.  The 6 features above are the ones I use and pay attention to on a daily basis.  As a tech enthusiast what I am most impressed with is how it collects all my data and organizes it in a very user friendly-easy to understand manner.  This is data intelligence for your fitness.  Understanding this data is very useful in my opinion and this watch is very addicting.  I highly recommend the fitbit charge 2, as it has really helped me understand and appreciate my fitness and health in an easy and practical way.

5 Secret Shortcuts for a family of 5

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Since the birth of my third child; my beautiful son, life has been extremely busy and well…complicated.  I don’t have a real schedule anymore, I have newly found back pain and I am trying to plan my days as best as possible.
I am trying be efficient during working hours (because I can’t work at home anymore) and a decent Dad and husband when I return home.   When I return home it is absolute chaos and trying to organize and maintain peace around the house is not easy.family_photo


As a result, my wife and I have incorporated 5 shortcuts that have helped us out considerably.  Below are 5 game changer services that our family could not live without.



  1. Shipt (https://www.shipt.com/) shipt-logo-stacked-screen-color-rgb-250x310– A grocery delivery service.  This service is sooo convenient and very affordable.  For only $99/ year you can select your groceries (on a mobile app) and have them delivered to your door step during a window of time.   What I mean by window of time is that they will deliver groceries from let’s say 12 pm – 3 pm or 5 pm – 7 pm.
  2. ubereats-logo-largeUber Eats (https://ubereats.com) – This is probably my favorite one.  Uber Eats is relatively new in the Miami area and it’s basically Uber for restaraunt delievery.  Not only can you have food delivered to your house but you can choose from fine restaurants around your area.  If your not up for Pizza or fast food this is great because you can order from some really nice places with great food.  Uber Eats also gives you an estimated arrival time and sends you push notifications on your mobile device with status of delivery.  Great service.
  3. ba_logo-02_stackedBlue Apron (http://blueapron.com)– My wife really likes this service because sometimes she likes to cook.  Blue Apron sends you all the ingredients you need (along with a great recipe) to make gourmet meals.  The ingredients they send are very fresh but it does require a little work to cut up ingredients, etc.  The ingredients do not arrive cut or minced and therefore it does require some prep work.  However, having said that you only get the ingredients you need for the meal and therefore there is no excess of ingredients, which in my opinion is great.
  4. sirgallowaylogobigSir Galloway Dry Cleaning (http://sirgalloway.com) – I am not sure if this professional dry cleaning service is only in Miami but they have free pickup and delivery for dry cleaning.  For all Miami-ians, try it out!
  5. unnamedPrime NOW (https://primenow.amazon.com) – This service is great for the emergency items you may need for the kids.  This is especially true for items you forgot as parents that you may need for your child’s school work.  This is a great emergency tool and you can literally order almost anything.  There is $20 minimum so you will be required to purchase other items if you are only looking to buy one thing.  The mobile app also maps where the delivery is and gives you an estimated arrival time as well.  Really cool!

The truth of the matter is that all these services can be utilized whether you have kids or not.  If you have kids, oh my gosh it is a God sent.  What amazes me the most is how dependent my family and I have become on technology.  It is really cool to see how matter of fact these services have now become.  To think that we will think of the autonomous car one day the exact same way.  Very neat 🙂



My journey through ABC’s Shark Tank

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This article is about my journey through the ABC show Shark Tank selection process and how I almost made it onto the show.  The product I was pitching was CONCIERGEpad and it was cool to have the idea validated by the show.  I was one round away from taking the trip to California and it was a great experience to say the least.


The initial telephone interview

I submitted my information via email back in March 2015 and thought nothing of it.  I really thought I would never get a call back. 2 months went by and one day in May 2015 I received an email from ABC casting that I was being considered for the show.  Oh my gosh how cool I thought.  I watch the show religiously and I’ve always had an urge to be on the show.  Anyways, I immediately replied back to the email and setup my first telephone interview with casting with hopes of moving on to the next round.  The following day I had my telephone interview and the woman conducting the call had a lot of questions for me.  To be honest the company was in its infancy stages so I felt like I could not answer all the questions adequately.  Especially questions around financials.  We spoke for about 30 minutes and she liked the product so she officially moved me onto the next round.  Right there on the spot!  This was a very interesting time for me as well because I think it again validated that the idea behind the product was a good one and that I should pursue it as a business regardless of what happened.


2nd Round: filming and getting to know business

This was a great experience.  It was very intriguing to talk about the product and all the functionality that was part of the product or yet to come.  To the left is a picture osharktank_filmingf the filming I did on a Saturday at one of our clients facility.  The opportunity to work with a videographer was great and a lot of fun but the real opportunity was understanding the young business at a deeper level.  The reason I say this is because Shark Tank has a detail (and almost exhaustive) application form; sprinkled with granular questions about the business.  While reviewing and answering the questions on the application I was able to really think through about what it is I wanted from this business and how it can penetrate into different verticals.  It really helped me analyze the business from a strategic standpoint and identify product market fit.  I was honestly very pleased with the amount of reflection I had to go through to be able to answer each and every question appropriately.


3rd Round: No call back

Yes, that’s right.  I never received a call back after filming my short video and submitting my application.  I really think the business was not there yet too, so to not get a call back was not a total shock.  There were questions that I could not speak to because the business was an early startup.  The one positive again about this experience is what I gained from taking the time to think through what I wanted from this business and what journey we could now embark on…because thanks to ABC Shark Tank the idea was validated and it reinforced the product was ready for sale!

Trying to be more authentic in 3 ways

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Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free. – Eckhart Tolle

Being authentic is an important trait that I admire in people who demonstrate this quality on a continuous basis.  When you are truly being yourself (quirkiness and all) is when your true brand shines.  I recently listened to the book Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuk on Audible and this was an important topic he discussed in great detail.  Vaynerchuk emphasized how important being your true self is even if it means people not liking you.  He goes on to mention that there will be people who do like you for who you are and those are the people you want to be connected to.  It is better to have this black and white division of people who do and don’t like you as opposed to trying to be everything to everyone.

This notion of being authentic or free is something that I have been trying to work on both personally and professionally.  I can’t tell you how many times I consider NOT doing something because of how someone may react or what someone may think.  I am not being real to myself in these scenarios.  The trick here is to look deep within yourself and commit to being genuine with respect to your thoughts and beliefs.

Below are 3 things I’ve been trying to work on to seek more freedom and happiness in my own life.


  1. Not holding on to grudges – This is the most important area for me.  Letting go of all grudges regardless of the circumstances relinquishes any anger or resentment towards that individual.  Also, trying not to place judgement on people and respecting them for who they are is critical as well.  By letting go of that emotional baggage I think I will encounter more inner peace.
  2. Being honest with myself – Being really honest with myself and others is important as well.  This is especially important when you make a mistake.  Owning up to your mistake and being honest about it is a surefire way to freedom.  We all make mistakes and it is better to face up and talk through them.  Also, it is really important for me to be honest with others as well.  This does not have to be in an abrasive manner but it is good to speak your mind if there is a misalignment with another person’s point of view.
  3. Do what you say or preach – Part of being honest with yourself is to hold yourself accountable for things in your life.  Therefore, if you say you are going to do something then hold yourself accountable and do it.  If you commit to something (even if you don’t like or enjoy it) then finish or complete it.  The key here is to act in a responsible manner and holding your self to a certain standard.  I believe that people want to be associated and do business with someone who is reliable and can be counted on when they need you.

I am not trying to be a Yogi here but I do feel I need to work on again being more authentic.  I need to be more authentic with myself, my wife, my friends and more importantly with my kids.  I want to set a good example for them and I need to demonstrate this trait on a continuous basis.

Working towards a flywheel business (with enthusiasm too)

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My conceptual idea of a flywheel business is one that continues to capture market growth in an automated way.  With each proverbial flywheel rotation the business creates new growth  and selling opportunities that will help it prevail long-term.

With our 2 latest products the goal in mind has been to automate and streamline processes as much as possible.  For example, with CONCIERGEpad we have tried to make the on-boarding process automatic for a new user.  A new user who wants to use or test drive the service can signup with their own username and password and log into the software in minutes.  Also, the user has the ability to customize the product with their own business colors and logos.  The entire process is standardized, universal and again automatic.  There are other internal systems that we are trying to incorporate to leverage as much automation as possible.  The idea here is not to be a robotic company but rather to position ourselves in the best way possible to sell and scale.  My personal belief is that you don’t want to spend all your time engineering when starting up.  It is easy to fall into this trap.  Of course, a software business has to maintain the software but minor tweaks and updates is what’s necessary.

If you are not deeply invested into engineering and you have software that can function on its own this presents a unique and special scenario enabling the company to function like a flywheel business.  You can now really focus on selling the software and putting it in front of as many eye balls as possible.  Now it’s just Iterate, rinse and repeat.  Around and around that flywheel goes…

A note on enthusiasm.  I also think that enthusiasm needs to be part of this flywheel model as well.  Enthusiasm or interest should serve as the lubrication or maintenance in this process.  Often times a new software product will be interesting and new but with time not so much.  When the enthusiasm is decreased the desire to innovate and keep the rotations going are impacted.  The “oomph” always needs to be there.  This is why a key component to this model in my opinion is the passion or desire to make the product work and be successful.  This is what initiates movement and keeps it going.

The importance of saying “No”

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“It comes from saying no to 1,000 things to make sure we don’t get on the wrong track or try to do too much” — Steve Jobs

To say “No” to a friend or relative is difficult, now imagine saying “No” to a colleague or client.  Indeed, a very awkward and difficult thing to do but it is essential if you want to have “laser-like” focused-growth in your business.  There are 2 scenarios where saying “No” is essential and important.  The 2 scenarios are the following:


  1. Clients asking for changes or new features that are not product fit– This one is a big one for me and most of the time we tell our clients we cannot change or add a new feature.  If it’s a bug, of course we will address it.  If it’s something minute, I get it.  If it will benefit everyone on the platform, I understand.  But if it’s a unique change for one client then we say “No”.  The problem with always saying “Yes” to your clients is that you will never be able move your product along the development road-map.  You will incur massive tech debt.   There is always a way to address your client gently; to not offend that person.  I am definitely not saying to scream: “Hell No” when a client asks for something that is not a fit, but rather, to tell him or her that it’s not a feature the company can work on at the moment.  There is always a discussion around this topic with respect to keeping customers happy.  When you say “No” to a customer it really has nothing to do with support.  In fact, I think that support is a 2 way street.  My definition of support is to address every question or issue my customer has within reasonable limits.  Remember, a business is in the “business” to make money and you have to make decisions to keep it around.  If you were to coddle every customer (which would be great) then you may not be around for long.  As a result,  that customer will not benefit from your product anymore.
  2. Bad prospective clients – Yes, I mean saying “No” to a new client.  There are some clients that are not worth pursuing.  You can generally sense if a potential client is problematic before you engage in business and it is better to terminate the relationship if its going to cause problems down the road.  Again, some clients ask for unreasonable amounts of support.  To me, this can drain a company’s resources.  This to me is losing or wasting time, which ultimately is losing the business money.  Also, there are some clients that are not effective communicators.  If a client does not respond to phone calls, emails or are just too busy I stay clear of them.

Another thing to note is that a “No” from a prospective client to You is beneficial as well.  I believe that a “No” is better than a “I don’t know”.  Think about it, if you are trying to understand status with a prospective client and the answer is always “I don’t know” you continue to waste time and energy following up by writing emails or calling them on the phone.  But a “No we are not interested” is final.  This eliminates following up and the company can move in another direction swiftly.

I hope this article helps someone who struggles with saying “No” to customers when it’s appropriate.  To be honest, I still fall into this trap from time to time and I have seen others fall into this scenario many times.  It is okay to say “No” when it’s justified.  And remember there is always a gentle way of saying it.

5 most important principles of business success

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I write and think a lot about the software business. I am passionate about this industry segment and find it very interesting and self-fulfilling.  Over the last 12 years I have learned a lot about the business and I have experienced many successes and failures.  I measure success in business in 2 ways: profit and growth.  Below are the top 5 characteristics I’ve seen in software businesses that bolster increasing profits and growth.  I try to employ these characteristics or principles in my business everyday and I am sure I still need more practice on some (or all) of these.

  1. Continuous Commitment– This to me is by far the most important principle.  The most difficult thing to do is to work and move ahead when times are difficult.  It is easy to get things done (or write a blog post) when everything is going well.  The real challenge for businesses or entrepreneurs are when times are not ideal.  For example, I sometimes find it difficult to start my day because I did not sleep well. I have 2 kids and I can tell you that while they are my world they can be exhausting.  In the theatrical world there is a saying that goes: “the show must go on”, which means that actors must perform at a high level on stage regardless of how they feel emotionally.  In my opinion, it’s the same in business.  There is a commitment to perform at a high level with your clients or customers on a daily basis.   If you demonstrate this continuous commitment to excellence I guarantee it will propel company profits and growth.
  2. Passion for work– This characteristic is the most evident or obvious to people when a working relationship is initiated.  Clients can tell if you love what you do.  When there is passion for work it permeates and flourishes in every facet of the company.  Moreover, people want to be around a business that has a passion for the work they create.  Think about it, when you work with people who are passionate about their work, they genuinely care about you and your needs.  This type of scenario for a business leads to customer satisfaction, which inevitably creates more profit and growth.
  3. Monetary Awareness– This is a principle to be mindful of in both business and personal life.  To me monetary awareness is the practice of intentionally thinking through purchases or spending habits.  This type of awareness may not lead to profits directly but can serve as a guard rail to ensure financial stability.  If the business is spending money irresponsibly then the company will fail due to cash flow, etc.  Ultimately, this has a direct impact on the bottom line and future of the company.
  4. Eagerness for Learning– I wrote an article about the importance of “Tinkering” a couple of weeks ago.  It is imperative that we never stop learning or “playing around” with new concepts in our respective industry.  When we are constantly seeking out knowledge we become more creative and formulate new and interesting ideas.  Simply stated, knowledge is power. We’ve heard that saying a thousand times.  The more you acquire the more it can influence your products and other vertical opportunities.
  5. Take Action– Plain and simple some people never take action.  There are a lot of people that over analyze next steps and get caught in a “paralysis by analysis” scenario.  Having said this, there is a difference between taking action and being in motion.  A person in motion is someone who is always busy but never produces results.  Motion in this case is not calculated action and is doing something just to stay busy.  In other words, nonsense work.  Taking action is thoughtful and calculated.  It is well thought out and time limited.  Once you are content with a decision and your gut is in accordance the action is taken.  In my opinion, it is better to make a decision and fail then to not initiate an action at all or be in a motion loop.

In summary, these 5 characteristics are critical to business success in my opinion.  There are clearly more principles, traits, concepts, etc that go into what makes a business click but I personally feel that these have been the most important in my experience.  I hope that this has helped someone who is trying to incorporate a better culture or business experience for their clients or employees. 🙂


The importance of “tinkering”

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For lack of a better term, “tinkering” to me is the practice of  working or “playing around” with new ideas or technologies in business.  The concept of “tinkering” is a very important aspect of how I look at technology and the software business.

There are always many things to do and projects to complete in any given week.  The work is always going to be there.  For sure.  However, it is important that every week I spend a little time researching new concepts or ideas that are out there.  For example, for one of my products I am “tinkering” with facial recognition technology.  I have tried many times to add this technology to one of my products but I have not been successful in doing so.  There is one particular facial recognition solution (or API): Kairos that I have been “tinkering” with for weeks.  I continuously try to find ways to make this technology more accurate so I can use it in my own products.  The point is that every week I search for a new way (or new angle) to enhance every piece of software I am working on.  The process of “tinkering” ignites creative thought and keeps the business innovative and fresh.  I had a friend tell me in college that “if your not working to get better, you are getting worse.”  This quote I believe sums up the concept of “tinkering”.

In summary, in business and in life I think this concept is very important.  If you are not constantly trying to push the envelope or staying in front of your industry, you will be like everyone else.  Don’t you agree?